2. Releasing Nautilus Image Manipulator

These are the different steps to perform when releasing a new version of Nautilus Image Manipulator:

2.1. Update the version number

Change the version number in 3 places:

  • ./setup.py as “version” argument of “DistUtilsExtra.auto.setup”
  • ./bin/nautilus-image-manipulator as argument of “optparse.OptionParser”
  • ./docs/conf.py as the “version” configuration value

2.2. Update the CHANGELOG

Make sure the CHANGELOG file mentions the changes since the last release.

2.3. Create the release tarball

Place yourself in the root of the project and execute:

python setup.py sdist

This will create a tarball of the source code ./dist/nautilus-image-manipulator-<VERSION>.tar.gz

2.4. Publish the new release on Launchpad

The previously created file should be uploaded to Launchpad as the source package of this new release:

  • Go to https://launchpad.net/nautilus-image-manipulator/trunk/+addrelease
  • Click on “Create milestone”, enter the version number (for instance “1.3”) as the name
  • Enter today’s date in “Date released”
  • Add that release’s text from the CHANGELOG in the “Changelog” section
  • Click on “Create Release”
  • Click on “Add download file”
  • Enter “Source tarball” in “Description”, select the tarball created in the previous step, and select “Code Release Tarball” as “File content type”
  • Upload the new release!
  • Go to https://launchpad.net/nautilus-image-manipulator/+announce and make an announcement!

2.5. Update the Debian package

Follow the Debian New Maintainers’ Guide, starting with chapter 9. Updating the package.